NECA contractors play a crucial role in the building and maintenance of our transportation system. Our members power our nation's buildings, hospitals, and schools; light our highways and streets; connect transit and rail switches; install complex electrical systems at airports; operate and maintain the plants that keep our water clean, and much more.



NECA supports a comprehensive energy policy that increases all avenues of domestic production including domestic oil and natural gas exploration as well as clean and renewable energy sources.

  • Enact comprehensive permitting reform.
  • Support investment in electric transmission line and smart grid infrastructure.
  • Promote development of energy storage technologies.
  • Nuclear Energy is Safe, Reliable, Efficient and Environmentally Sound.
  • Incentivize clean and renewable energy sources.

Federal tax Reform

High tax rates and a complex tax code hamper our NECA contractors' competitive standing and hinder their economic growth. The time and money NECA contractors spend to comply with the Federal Governments complex tax code could be—and should be—spent on growing their businesses and creating jobs.

  • Make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent.
  • Make the 199A Pass-Through Deduction permanent.
  • Repeal the Estate Tax.
  • Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Reinstate 100% Bonus Depreciation.

Workforce Development

NECA employers, both small businesses and major corporations, contribute approximately $300 million annually to our apprenticeship and training funds across the country. NECA's Registered Apprenticeship Program provides the nation's most comprehensive apprenticeship training programs that highly compensate our skilled workforce and provide quality healthcare and benefits.

  • Develop the next generation of electricians through existing private sector apprenticeship training programs.
  • Prevent the Misclassification of employees as independent contractors.
  • Oppose efforts to repeal or suspend Davis-Bacon and Related Acts.
  • Oppose limitations on the use of Project Labor Agreements.
  • Address America's workforce needs through immigration reform.

Contracting Reform

Small businesses are the foundation of our economy and 80 percent of NECA's membership consists of small businesses. NECA supports the following initiatives to help increase opportunities for small businesses, prevent government waste and fraud, and provide a framework for growth in the construction industry.

  • Reform the administration of change orders on federal construction projects.
  • Support bid listing to ensure transparency in federal construction.
  • Support bid listing to ensure transparency in federal construction.
  • Establish a statute of repose for federal construction projects.
  • Ensure payment protections for construction subcontractors and suppliers performing under public-private partnerships on federal construction projects.

Pension Reform

The multiemployer pension system must be modernized to ensure its long-term success.

  • Authorize innovative composite plans to modernize the Multiemployer Pension System.
  • Make structural reforms to withdraw liability to ensure contractors are not unduly burdened.